Thursday, May 1, 2008

Let's Celebrate!

Well, Eva turned 4 months old on April 30th and that night decided to give mommy a present.....she slept through the night for the first time ever!!! She slept straight through from 9:30pm to 5:30am. Then, I put her pacifier back in her mouth and she slept until 6:20am. I then fed her and she went back to sleep until I woke her up to get her ready for daycare at 7:20am. This is cause to, do whatever you do to celebrate....give a cheer, have a drink, eat some cake, whatever!

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Shauna said...

Carrie, this is HUGE NEWS!! Go Eva, Go!! What a girl!! Isn't sleep a wonderful thing?! I know we wouldn't trade our babies for the world, but a nice night of sleeping is pretty awesome! Way to celebrate, Eva. I will celebrate by not cleaning the house any more today and Taylor will celebrate by perhaps sleeping through the night tonight!? Maybe?! And Trask, well, he'll do a special dance! WE LOVE YOU!