Friday, September 14, 2007

Christmas in September

When we got home on Wednesday, we had all kinds of fun things waiting for us. Our crib had arrived as well as our new video camera that we bought to capture all of baby girls first moments. Also, the title to my car came in the mail. I am trying to sell my car but had lost the title and had to apply for another one. So, we got the crib put together and played with the new video camera. Then, on Thursday, our dresser/changer combo arrived for us to pick up at the store. I had an OB-GYN appointment at 1:30 (everything is still looking great), then I went home and slept until Aaron got home from work (I've been sick the last couple of days). When Aaron got home, we went and picked up the dresser and brought it home and put it together (not an easy task, the instructions for it were horrible). So, baby's room is ready for her. We still have a lot of finishing touches to add, but the painting is done and the furniture is in.