Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blood Pressure Scare

I went in for my 37.5 week appointment expecting it to go smoothly like all my other appointments have. Well, everything looked great exept my blood pressure was really high. It is normally something like 120/65 and this time it was 142/92. So, I had to go home and pretty much be on bedrest for the rest of the day and the following day until 2:30pm when I had another appointment scheduled to check my blood pressure. Luckily, my blood pressure had gone down to 146/74 (it's the bottom number they were concerned about). If it had been high again, they would have sent me for overnight observation. So, I have to continue to take it easy, but I don't have to be on bedrest.

The good news is that she also checked to see if I was progressing at all and I was 2-3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I know I could stay at that for a while but at least I know that something is happening down there.
My next appointment is the day after Christmas (I don't think I want to see my weight at this appointment) and hopefully everything continues to go well.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Meet Eva Hutchings!

For Carrie's Christmas present, Aaron got her a 3D/4D ultrasound. So on Saturday we went and got the ultrasound done - Carrie was 36 weeks which is almost too late to get good video and pictures. But Eva cooperated and we got really good video, although she had her hands either in front of her face or in her mouth for a majority of the time. It was amazing to see her so clearly and we were so glad that we did it. The best videos are probably the 3rd and 4th ones, so if you don't have time to view all of them, take a look at one of those. Enjoy!

And here are a few of the still pictures that we got. And in order they are.....her face, her mouth with her tongue sticking out, her foot, her hand, her face again, her face with her tongue sticking out, and her ear.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Diaper Pounding!

Our wonderful church family from Boise Friends Church threw a diaper pounding for us on Friday, November 30th. Basically it is a baby shower but everyone brings diapers as gifts. We had a wonderful time and got lots and lots and lots of diapers. We now have 3/4 of our hall closet, plus one of the cupboards in our guest bathroom full of diapers. We are so blessed and thankful to have such a giving, caring church family to bring our little one into. She is going to have lots of wonderful church friends and church grandma's and grandpa's to love her.

Our Picture Page

If you ever feel like checking out more of the maternity pictures that we took...or looking at any of the other thousands of pictures we have on our picture site, you can see them all at I am also going to post a link to this site over in the right hand column so it's easily available at all times. Enjoy, but I must warn you, there are probably thousands of pictures to look at.