Monday, January 5, 2009

1st Birthday party

Eva's 1st Birthday party went off without a hitch. I just about had a breakdown before the party trying to get everything ready and make Eva's smash cake (which just wasn't working how I had planned). Luckily Aaron came to the rescue and finished the smash cake. Everything turned out great. Grandpa and Grandma Faulhaber, Aunt Tami and Uncle Ray, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ryan, cousins Heather, Payton, and Luke, and friends Sarah and Amanda and Dave, Emily, and Noah all came to help us celebrate.
Payton and Luke were very helpful big cousins helping Eva open her presents and blow out her candles on her cake. Eva didn't make a mess at all eating her cake but she sure did love it. She got all kinds of new toys and clothes and even though she didn't take a nap before the party she had a great time and did really well.

More please

Eva finally learned to sign "more" (we've been working on it for months). And now she uses it all the time. Now our job is to try and figure out what she is asking for more of since she uses it constantly now.

Whenever you ask Eva to say "mama" she always says "dada" instead. It's really funny but one of these days she better start saying mama too.