Friday, September 28, 2007

Baby Pool

In the spirit of our bun in the oven, I thought I'd run a little contest, a BABY POOL if you will. Here's what you have to do if you would like to participate. Post a comment here stating the following:
Date and time of my delivery (i.e. January 8th - 4:42 p.m.)
BONUS QUESTION: (To be used in case of a tie). Guess the weight and length of the baby at birth.
THE PRIZE: Sorry, no money or gift prize here, but, you will be deemed THE GRAND PRINCE/PRINCESS OF THE BABY POOL! :-)
Okay, so here are some details that should help you with your guess.
**My official due date is January 8th, 2008.
**This is my first baby, supposedly first baby's tend to stay in there a little longer (not so with my sister's babies though).
**We are expecting a girl.
WHO WINS? I've decided that the person who comes closest to both the date and time will be deemed the winner. In case of a tie, I'll use the bonus questions!
DEADLINE for participating: I will close the comments on December 23rd, 2007.
Just thought this would be a fun little contest....hope you think so too.