Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eva's 4 month appointment

Eva had her 4 month dr. appointment this morning. She weighs 14lbs, 3oz (60th%!) and is 24.5 inches long (50th%) and her head is in the 55th% (can't remember the exact #, I think 41). Her doctor said everything looks wonderful and said she is a very strong and social little girl...of course we already knew that. He said she is a little behind on rolling over but he's not worried about it.
She had to get 3 more shots and did really well until hours later when she started screaming. I gave her some baby Tylenol and now she is sleeping....although she still is kind of crying/whining a bit in her sleep.
She has a little bit of a rash on her legs and arms and her doc said she just has sensitive skin and gave me a prescription creme to use for a few days until the rash is gone. And then he said to use Cetaphyl (not sure on the spelling) creme to keep her skin healthy after that.
So, all in all a good appointment. Her next appointment is in 2 months and her pediatrician said everything should be the same until then.