Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're on team.....


We found out today that we are having a baby girl. It was amazing to see her moving around in there....she is a wiggle worm. But luckily, the ultrasound tech was able to see everything she needed to see and determine that baby girl is as healthy as she could be. Needless to say, Aaron and I are very excited! We don't have to call her "it" anymore!

So, here are some pictures of baby girl. There are a couple of her profile. One is her big yawn. One is her scary skeleton face. One is her hoo-ha. One is of her foot and one is of her leg. We know it's a lot of pictures, but we want to show off our little baby girl.


Grandma said...

Hi Carrie and Aaron, This is exciting news!! I was hoping it would be a little girl being there are two little boys in the family.There needs to be a mix. Her two little cousins won't know what to think about a little girl. I know how excited the two of you must be. Hope all continues to go well and that you aren't suffering too much with the heat over there. I enjoy being able to keep up with your progress on your blog site.
Love Grandma

Amy said...

yay! congrats - we are excited for you guys! my sister is due 4 days before you and she's having a girl also. :) any ideas on names yet? we should get together soon.
Robert & Amy

Anonymous said...

Nice pics!
When do we get to see the color photos?
We hope and pray all continues to go well.
Will we get to see you 3 at the barbeque?
God bless, Michael and Jody